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Holy Spirit descends on former Soviet Army Officers' Club

Tallin, Estonia - The dance floor of a former Soviet Army Officers' Club became the site of an unusual outpouring of the Holy Spirit during a recent ministry trip to Estonia, when Impact Ministries president, Dr. Harvey Brown, and Dr. Stephen Seamands from Asbury Theological Seminary joined together in a week-long teaching and preaching mission sponsored by the Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary.

Photos: (counter-clockwise, from top) -
Young believers and survivors of Communist persecution hunger for the Word; preaching was simultaneously translated into Russian and Estonian; Stas-just 21 years old-is already a respected leader in the church; believers lined up until as late as 3:30 a.m. for personal prayer ministry; Russian and Estonian believers worship side-by-side; the varied faces of preaching.

(photos captured from video tape)

The meetings were held in a wooden framed building -now a part of the Camp Gideon Retreat Center for the Methodist church in Estonia -which was formerly used to entertain Soviet Communist leaders who gathered here on the Finnish Sea to indoctrinate young people into the Communist Pioneer Youth program. The gathering included seminary students and faculty, national pastors, and believers from across the nation.

All meetings were simultaneously translated into Estonian and Russian. Dr. Seamands taught a course entitled "The Healing Power of Forgiveness" during the day, and Dr. Brown preached each night.

When Harvey Brown gave the invitation on Tuesday to "let the Holy Spirit put you into the second chapter of Acts," the congregation rushed forward at once. Brown and Seamands began to move through the crowd laying hands on believers and praying for the infilling of the Holy Spirit. "I had no idea that we would be involved in witnessing the renewal of a national church," Seamands said. Visible manifestations of the Spirit's presence were recurring.

Seminary students, faculty, and lay persons spent hours seeking Father and His mercy. "These meetings were especially significant when you consider that this outpouring of the Holy Spirit took place in a mainline denomination's school of theology in a former Soviet state," Seamands said. "I feel like I have been in Toronto or Pensacola for a week."

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