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Ministry at the United States Military Academy at West Point

Dr. Brown addresses West Point cadets during evening vespers at the Cadet Chapel

For one full week in February, Marilyn and I ministered at the United States Military Academy at West Point. I spoke ten times during the week, and had numerous one-on-one sessions with cadets, faculty members, and staff. From cadets to senior leaders, many experienced the presence of God in real and profound ways.

After I spoke to a gathering of men at the West Point Club, one faculty member came to me and said “You are here for me. You told me my life story, and because of this I am now a new man!” He went on to share how as I was speaking, an eagle made three passes behind me (my back was toward the Hudson River Valley, which was easily seen through the windowed wall). The professor continued, “I didn't ask God for a sign, but there it was plain as day. This really was Him speaking to me.”

Chaplain Scott McChrystal, the United States Military Academy chaplain, wrote to me, “Your ministry has had a marvelous ‘impact.’ God used you and your team in awesome ways. Please, brother, I want to stay in touch. I believe in my heart you have just completed the first of many visits to West Point.”

He also wrote of how our meetings were significant because of their influence on future leaders of our nation: “What has gone on here will literally go around the world in years to come as these men and women fulfill their military careers.”

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