"My greatest burden is to live with such openness and transparency that God's people see His glory and freedom expressed in who I am...as well as what I say."

Dr. Harvey R. Brown, Jr. left his administrative position at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, to found Impact Ministries, Inc. A Global Methodist clergyman, Dr. Brown has served the church as a pastor, campus minister,author, university teacher and administrator, staff and parish development consultant, and chaplain in the United States Army. During his Army career, he was assigned to the Staff and Faculty of the United States Army Chaplain Center and School, as well as twice being assigned as pastor of the home chapel to the Army Chaplains Corps.

With deep compassion and sensitivity, Dr. Harvey Brown and his wife Marilyn form a powerful and effective ministry team. Their capacity to understand and speak to the real struggles of individuals and families is rooted in the grace they have experienced since God healed their marriage and brought freedom from the vicious grip of pornography.

Today, God uses Dr. Brown to minister, through teaching and the power of the Holy Spirit, this same deliverance to people around the world. His humor, sensitivity, biblical integrity, and candor speak to the deepest needs of people everywhere.

Dr. Brown is uniquely able to communicate with Christians over a broad spectrum of traditions and belief systems. His driving passion is to see the Church of Jesus Christ renewed; filled with the holiness of God's presence; empowered through the restoration of all the gifts, graces, and offices that the Holy Spirit bestows; and prepared to receive the coming end-time harvest. He is the author of When God Strikes the Match: Igniting a Passion for Holiness and Renewal published by Revival Press (an imprint of Destiny Image). He is also a contributing author to the anthology Power, Holiness, and Evangelism of which Dr. Bill Bright wrote, "Caution: The fire in this book may leap off the pages on to the reader. God's fire empowers, purifies, and emboldens our witness. This is the way the Church is supposed to be. Highly recommended." His latest book is Forgiveness: Finding Freedom From Your Past published by Energion Press.

Dr. Brown has preached in twenty-two nations on five continents, and is frequently invited to preach and lecture on renewal themes. He has been guest lecturer at Lindsey Wilson College, the United States Coast Guard Academy, Asbury Theological Seminary, Universitie Theologique Asico (Democratic Republic of Congo), Methodist University of Liberia, and the Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary--the first mainline denominational seminary in the former Soviet Union. His ministry has had such impact that Billy Graham invited him to speak at Amsterdam 2000, a global gathering of 13,000 evangelists. Dr. Brown has also ministered extensively among the uniformed services, having spoken at NATO Headquarters (Brussels, Belgium), the United States Coast Guard Academy, and the United States Military Academy at West Point. Focus On The Family's Pastoral Ministry Division has chosen Dr. Brown's DVD video seminar, Living In The Freedom Christ Gives: Finding Healing and Wholeness In A Sexually Broken World, to be among resources it recommends to pastors through its web site. He also serves his community as a sworn volunteer chaplain and chaplain trainer for local law enforcement in two states.

As one who has pastored pastors, Harvey Brown regularly is invited to minister to the deep needs of those who are serving in full time ministry. His ministry is inspired by the Holy Spirit and impassioned by his heart's desire to see the lost saved and the redeemed filled with a passion for holiness and evangelism.
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Dr. Harvey Brown

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