Worth Repeating - Testimonies

"Thank you, thank you for coming. This is the church we want to be. This is the church we need to be."
Dr. Olav Pärnamets
United Methodist Church of Estonia

"Lying there in the Spirit I experienced an intimate, tender communication with the Lord. I started to talk with the Lord intimately like I had not done for a long time. The work of the Holy Spirit is real. I feel released and healed and am deeply grateful to the Lord. He is so faithful, coming into our lives at the point of loss and skepticism and turning that into a victory to glorify His name and might."
M. Sepp, Professor
New Testament Exegesis

"I just want to pray for people-I am stepping out and not holding back. I just marvel at the Lord. Now I am thinking and praying about how to keep the anointing and fire. I would like to continue in it."
Seminary Professor

"These men are not doctors ...they're men of God!"
Seminary student

"Everybody I ask says that they have good memories, good fruit in their lives and they hope we'll continue such kind of ministry. Lectures about forgiving, questions, answers, testimonies and discussions about Father's blessing are published in our magazine on seven pages! Thank you very, very much! May God bless you and your ministry!"
Urmas Rahuvarm
United Methodist Publishing

"You thought you came to the studio to do an interview for TBN, but I believe you really came just to minister to me. Thank you for being so open and honest."
Tom Zahradnik
Trinity Broadcasting of NY
Fishkill, NY

"I find that I hardly know what to say. What a mighty move of God! What a great occasion! What a pleasure to have you and Marilyn here! I am grateful to God for your willingness to include us in your schedule. Your presentation was anointed and powerful...I can't remember many services lasting from 9:30 am until 2:00 pm, and requiring that all the other services of the day be set aside while people prayed at the altar. God used your transparency and willingness to be vulnerable to spark a great awakening. More than 100 people made significant commitments, received inner healing, and sought prayers of blessing."
The Rev. Dewey Fleming
Evangelical Methodist Church
Dalton, GA

"I just finished your book. I would have read it in one sitting if I could have. Between the various interruptions I absorbed every word within two days (which is quite an accomplishment for a mother of three young ones). I was in a Christian bookstore while on a women's retreat to the Oregon Coast, and the title and subtitle really grabbed me. Little did I know how much the whole book would grab me and impact my life."
e-mail message
Kris Nixon
Goldendale, WA

"This was the best convention I can remember. God used you in a powerful way."
Don Carlson
FGBMFI Field Representative
Hartford, CT

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