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When God Strikes the Match
Dr. Harvey R. Brown, Jr.

(146 pages)
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A noted preacher, college administrator, and father of an 'all-American' family--what more could a man want? But when God struck the match that set Harvey Brown ablaze, it ignited a passion for holiness and renewal in his heart that led him into a head-on encounter with the consuming fire of God. This true story of a Christian professional's quest for God will touch you and change you. Discover how a visitation of the Holy Spirit and the miracle of grace transformed on life--and allow Him to do the same in yours! A powerful testimony of grace now in its third printing.

Living In The Freedom Christ Gives:
Finding Healing and Wholeness In A Sexually Broken World
Dr. Harvey R. Brown, Jr.


A Video Seminar on DVD

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Bold. Compassionate. Transparent. If the Church has ears to hear, it should listen to Harvey Brown courageously address the epidemic of sexual brokenness in our culture and in the Church. He tells the unvarnished truth, then confidently leads us into new freedom. Everyone should watch this message and share it with their families and friends.” Jeff James, Executive Director, Ichthus Ministries, Inc.

Power, Holiness, and Evangelism:
Rediscovering God's Purity, Power, and Passion for the Lost
Randy Clark, Dr. Harvey Brown, et al.

(150 pages)
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Many churches today stress holiness but lack power, while others display great power but are deficient in personal holiness and Christian character. Both are limited in the effectiveness of their evangelism. If we really want to win our world for Christ, we must bring both holiness and power back into our lives. Without them, we don't have anything to offer or interest the lost. A Church on fire, though, will draw countless numbers in her light.

Each of these powerful men of God carry a passion for bringing the Church to its highest potential in Christ. Their individual perspectives join together in this book to bring a clearer revelation of God's view of the Church. The truths they reveal will challenge you to increase the power and holiness in your own life, that you too may burn for Jesus Christ!

Contributing Authors: Steve Beard, Pablo Bottari, Harvey R. Brown, Jr., Michael L. Brown, Randy Clark, Pablo Deiros, Gordon D. Fee, Chris Heuertz, Scott McDermott, Carlos Mraida, Mark Nysewander, Stephen A. Seamands. Compiled by Randy Clark

Life Changing Messages from Dr. Brown on Audio CD


Personal Renewal and Holiness

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Discover personal renewal by encountering the holy presence of God. A message delivered at Amsterdam 2000 to evangelists from all over the world.

Free Him and Let Him Go!

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How the Lord Jesus sets us free and calls us to free others. Preached to a conference of military veterans the Sunday after 9/11.

Healing the Hurting Heart

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The love of God the Father reaches to our deepest heart wounds to heal and restore us. Gives fresh insight and invites us to experience the healing work of Christ.

Gift Set of All 3 Messages

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1. BOOKS and Messages By Dr. Harvey Brown
2. BOOKS ON Addictions, Healing, and Sexual Freedom

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